Executor & Inheritance insurance solutions

If you are facing unexpected difficulties in administering an estate because of the impacts of Covid-19, contact us to see if we can assist with an insurance solution to allow the distribution to take place in these unprecedented times.

Some examples of the types of cover we can offer, are below, covering both the personal representatives and beneficiaries:

Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975/Early Distribution insurance
– Available to cover beneficiaries, including charities, who may be seeking an early distribution to see them through these difficult economic times. We can consider this cover prior to the grant being obtained, due to the current delays at the probate registry and courts.

Section 27 Notice – Where an advert is not to be placed, usually to speed up the distribution of an estate.

Missing Beneficiary Insurance – Available on a precautionary basis, or where there is a known missing beneficiary. For small estates we can provide cover where there are limited funds available to carry out research into both sides of the family tree.

Missing Will Insurance – Available on a precautionary basis or where there is believed to have been a will, but it cannot be located.

Comprehensive Insurance –12 risks insured under one policy which is for intestacies and testate estates and available for all UK regions and Ireland.

Legal Rights – Cover is available for Scottish executries for claims from an unknown or missing children, or an unknown spouse.

Will Challenge – Cover may be available where there has already been a claim on the estate.

Identity Fraud – Where it is not possible to verify absolutely the identity of beneficiaries abroad.

Forfeiture Rules – Where a person has been convicted of the killing of a person but then successfully appeals their conviction and makes a claim on their estate.

Unknown or Historic Tax Liabilities – Where an estate may be subject to an unknown or historic matter.

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