Product Overview

We aim to make the process of buying or remortgaging a home safer and easier, protecting you from legal risks, which may affect your property.

Buying a property is rarely a simple process and many are affected by historic legal rights and/or restrictions. Documents may have been lost or works carried out without evidence of the correct compliance with legal regulation or permits. Old covenants may have been breached or manorial rights interfered with. These issues can delay or abort a transaction, creating issues in the chain. In an ideal world, your legal representative should be able to deal with these issues, but they often take a long time, can be expensive and in the end, may never be completely resolved. Our policies provide protection against these issues, should they ever arise. Our dedicated claims team will take control of the problem and resolve it as quickly, efficiently and with as little stress as possible, if a claim does arise in the future.

Our online comparison site allows you to obtain and compare multiple quotes from leading insurers, all from a single website and in just a few clicks.

We have over 40 specific risks for properties in the UK. Please just follow the links below for the relevant country. Once you’ve made your choice, you can order and receive your policy in seconds. All our insurers make use of our market leading wording, specifically developed to be easier to understand whilst providing the highest level of protection.

We also offer policies to protect you against fraud. As technology becomes an ever increasing constant in our lives, the risks of fraudsters exploiting new technology increases. There have been many cases of innocent buyers and sellers being left out of pocket because of sophisticated fraud. Our policy protects the innocent parties in a transaction, allowing you peace of mind that your investment or family home is safe.

What's Covered

Broadly, cover is placed in two ways:

  • Specific risk insurance – where you legal representative has identified a legal defect affecting the property, which needs to be removed/mitigated. Some of the most common risks include restrictive convents, lack of easements/servitudes, missing documents, zoning or planning breaches, chancel repair or the mines and minerals under the land being owned by someone else. Most policies provide cover forever, unless specifically stated and will protect your bank, a future purchaser and anyone to whom you lease the property.
  • All risk insurance – Where there is no specific defect, but cover is required against a number of unknown risks. This is commonly used where the seller has little information regarding the property or to protect against risks that even the best conveyancer cannot detect – boundary disputes, seller misrepresentation and fraud, just to name a few. This cover provides the ultimate peace of mind, as it protects you from risks which your legal representative may not have been able to discover and protects what will probably be your most expensive ever purchase. All risks policies usually only cover the named insured, their lender and tenant for as long as they own or have an interest in the property.

Please ask for a copy of the policy wording for the full list of Insured Events.

What's Not Covered

The policy won’t cover:

  • Unless covered as a Specific risk, known matters that already affect the title/ownership on the day the policy is issued, e.g. legal obligations, pre-emptions, leases, mortgages, rights of way, existing utilities
  • Future events causing risks that didn’t exist on the day the policy was issued
  • Pollution and contamination
  • War and terrorism
  • Compulsory taking e.g. by a government (unless the legal process has started before the policy is issued)
  • Risks that are insured by a household policy

Please ask for a copy of the policy wording for a full list of the Uninsured Matters.

How much does it cost?

For properties in the UK, please follow the links below for the relevant country.

For properties outside the UK, please ask your legal representative/broker to contact us directly. Subject to underwriting, the one-off premium tends to range between 0.1% and 0.5% of the insured value (purchase price of the property).

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    Speak to the team

    Samantha Hunter

    Samantha Hunter

    Head of Online


    Email Samantha

    +44 (0)203 808 2478

    After spending many years as a residential conveyancer in the North West Samantha moved back to her home town and decided to join the world of underwriting in 2016.

    Samantha joined DUAL Asset Underwriting in November 2016 with her previous experience in conveyancing giving her not only an in-depth knowledge of title risks but also she has been where the conveyancer is and knows your issues and requirements.

    With a keen focus on flexibility and customer service, Samantha is able to deal with a wide range of title risks including residential, commercial and development as wells as probate. She also has a keen focus on promoting DUAL Assets online comparison site.

    Sarah Gateaud-Manase

    Underwriter EU


    Email Sarah

    T:+353 (1) 903 8204 / M:+353 (0) 868 210 404

    Sarah is a law masters postgraduate who started her career at DUAL Asset in 2017.

    Sarah is an experienced multijurisdictional underwriter, who has gained a broad and in depth knowledge of jurisdictional idiosyncrasies, having worked on both UK (including Scotland and Northern Ireland) and EU matters.

    Nominated as the winner of ‘Up and Coming Underwriter of the Year Award 2019’ at the London Market Awards, Sarah has demonstrated her commitment to finding swift, tailored insurance solutions for her clients.

    In 2019, as a bilingual French native Sarah took a focus on EU matters. Sarah has facilitated deals with risks ranging from commercial and residential specific risks, through to third party challenges on renewable projects, in countries such as Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal and the Netherlands.

    Sarah is based in the Dublin office and will be actively promoting DUAL Assets wide range of title risks within Europe.

    Outside of work you’ll find Sarah dancing to music and planning her next adventure across the globe!