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Our online service provides a choice of quotes for residential and commercial property transactions in the United Kingdom.

The service allows you to choose from a number of quotations from a range of leading insurers. You can combine up to four products under a single quote/policy, which brings significant savings in premium. Our online comparison site gives you access to obtain quotes/policies for the most commonly requested legal indemnity products, including Chancel Repair, Lack of Planning/Building Regulations and/or other Consents, Restrictive Covenants/Title Conditions, Absence of Easements/Servitudes, Search Indemnities and many more.

Reasons to Use Our Service

  • It’s Fast – It takes less than 60 seconds to obtain quotes.
  • It’s Comprehensive – The cover provided by every policy is market leading. Our insurers have signed up to our innovative policy, ensuring maximum coverage.
  • It’s Extensive – There are more than 40 risks available to choose from. If it’s not there, get in touch and we will look into a bespoke solution.
  • It’s Flexible – Risk wording can be amended and agreed quickly to suit more bespoke risks.
  • It’s Cost Effective – With the ability to combine up to four risks and multiple options available, you can be assured of value for money.
  • It’s Compliant – The system will automatically produce both IPIDs and demands and needs statements. It fully complies with all requirements of Treating Customers Fairly.

Providing the best options for your client

Many clients are required to ‘shop around’ for the best quotation. This can involve approaching multiple insurers for terms, comparing very different policies and trying to explain why one particular quotation is the best. Our service provides three quotes as standard, all from leading insurers. The system provides clear and concise documentation, which details the difference between the options available, taking the hassle out of finding insurance.

Clarity and Certainty

Our system will provide a range of coverage options from leading insurers, but the policy wording is our market leading standard. Designed by DUAL to be both comprehensive and yet, easy to understand. This means you can be certain that we won’t deny cover based on a legal technicality. To see this in practice, please visit our claims corner.


Sometimes risks don’t quite fall into the neat box of an online policy. We recognise this and allow you to amend wording via the service and sign off the changes quickly to allow you to bespoke your policy. This prevents unnecessary delays and costs where the issue must be explained in detail via phone calls and emails, adding time and extra costs. No other insurer can offer this flexibility.

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    Samantha Hunter

    Samantha Hunter

    Head of Online


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    +44 (0)203 808 2478

    After spending many years as a residential conveyancer in the North West Samantha moved back to her home town and decided to join the world of underwriting in 2016.

    Samantha joined DUAL Asset Underwriting in November 2016 with her previous experience in conveyancing giving her not only an in-depth knowledge of title risks but also she has been where the conveyancer is and knows your issues and requirements.

    With a keen focus on flexibility and customer service, Samantha is able to deal with a wide range of title risks including residential, commercial and development as wells as probate. She also has a keen focus on promoting DUAL Assets online comparison site.