Refer a Colleague Terms and Conditions


Make a referral here.

The incentive for this scheme is a £50 amazon voucher for the Referrer, subject to the DUAL Asset Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions.

A unique Referrer code is allocated to every registered user on This code can be distributed to colleagues and input by the Referred upon registration. The voucher can be redeemed as soon as the Referred user makes a full transaction on

DUAL Asset My Legal Indemnity Shop Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

To make a valid referral, the Referred must input the Referrer’s unique referral code when registering on The newly registered user must then make a valid transaction on site for you to receive your £50 Amazon voucher.

Please note that only referrals submitted through the form will qualify.

To qualify for the £50 Amazon voucher:

A valid unique Referrer code must be the Referred at registration.

The Referred must make a valid transaction on site.

There is no limit to the number of times a Referrer can distribute their unique code in our “Refer a Colleague” scheme.

The DUAL Asset “Refer a Colleague” referral scheme is available to residents in England & Wales only and is open to existing, previous and new My Legal Indemnity Shop users.

Referrals will be disqualified if:

An alternative email address is used to register an existing user.


The Referrer may be named in communication between DUAL Asset and the Referred.

Redeeming your voucher:

The Referrers £50 Amazon voucher will be sent directly to their inbox within 7 days of the Referred making a valid transaction on site. It will not be sent upon registration.

In the event of a Referrer not receiving an Amazon voucher after a confirmed transaction, a claim must be raised for consideration to within 90 days of the Referred transaction. Any claims made after 90 days will not be eligible for an Amazon voucher.

If you require any further information regarding the DUAL Asset “Refer a Colleague” referral scheme, please email

 That’s all the legal information you need to know about. Let’s get going and submit your referral HERE.