A Claim by a Charity who Held the Original Will

A Comprehensive policy was issued to protect the estate of a man who had died seemingly without a will. His estate was over £500,000 and was distributed between his children. He had divorced his wife several years before his death and he appeared to have lost contact with his family. The divorce, it turns out, had been acrimonious. Unbeknown to the family and his solicitor, the deceased had been active in a charity since his divorce. Shortly after his estate was distributed between his children, the charity came forward with his original will. The deceased had left the will with them for safekeeping. The will left a substantial sum to this charity who were now exerting their right to the money. The Comprehensive policy paid out to the charity, protecting the inheritance already received by the children and also the solicitor who had distributed the estate.

“It is always important to look at the deceased’s activities and personal circumstances prior to their death” writes Kate Thorp, “Particularly with regards to any active involvement with charities and whether they were close to the family who are inheriting on an intestacy basis.” 

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