Comprehensive Executor & Inheritance

Comprehensive coverage to allow complete peace of mind

DUAL Asset’s Comprehensive Executor & Inheritance policy provides protection against the majority of issues an estate could encounter during estate administration. The policy will provide protection for the personal representatives, the beneficiaries and their legal advisors, either for an intestacy or a testate estate. The policy is available in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Channel Islands.

This is used as precautionary “wrapper” cover where there are no specific concerns or issues, but is used for peace of mind for the personal representative (and beneficiaries) of the estate.

Policy covers claims and challenges for:

  • Later dated will appears
  • Missing Beneficiary stakes a claim 
  • Deceased lacked mental capacity 
  • Improper execution of the will
  • Charitable gift is challenged
  • Challenge to the will
  • ID fraud for UK nationals
  • Unknown tax liability
  • Charity exerts a claim
  • Unknown will is discovered after estate distributed on an intestacy basis
  • New financial dependent appears and claims under 1975 Inheritance Act
  • New debts arise after distribution
  • The deceased did not approve the content of the will
  • Proprietary estoppel

Avoid Negligence Claims

Counsel has provided an opinion on DUAL Asset’s Comprehensive policy and why a solicitor may be under a duty to advise a client of the availability of such a policy.

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Specific Risk Cover

Insurance solutions for a specific risk, such as a missing will or missing beneficiary. This covers both personal representatives and the beneficiaries of the estate.

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Our policies are estate protection policies and protect the estate as a whole from third party claims. We do not provide professional indemnity insurance and do not cover claims from known beneficiaries.

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